It’s been quite awhile since I’ve made illustrations. Like many people, Fall is my favorite season of the year; it’s even in my name but we’ll get to that later… There are so many things I like about Fall such as cooler weather, rain, cozy clothes, holidays, decorations, warm vibrant colors and especially the grand beauty of mother nature among other things. There’s so much elegance around the end of the year, I just love it!

I’ve been wanting new art to hang on my wall, and I wanted something that represents my personality.

thu_anAnyways, as I’ve said Fall/Autumn is my name, literally, so why not make an Autumn themed art? My Vietnamese name is Thu An, and as you can see in the piece above it translates to ‘Autumn Peace’.

I’m a night owl.owl
I love the night time because everything is more quiet and peaceful. Maybe it has something to do with my name, for I prefer to be in a peaceful environment than a busy and loud place. I find myself more relaxed when everything becomes quiet and less of a distraction at night. That is when I am able to think deeply and be more creative.

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