Autumnal Equinox


Today is the first day of fall! I am so excited because it is my favorite season of all.

An_business_cardHere’s a little fun fact about myself, the ‘Thu’ in my name means ‘Fall’ in Vietnamese. Additionally, the ‘An’ means ‘peace’, so my name literally means ‘Autumn Peace’.
    We all know that during the fall season one of the major things we notice most is the changing colors of the leaves. Therefore, I chose the Autumn leaves as a symbol for my identity brand. Hence why you see maple leaves as the background of this site and on my business card.

There are so many things about this season that I love. One being the beautiful warm colors of the leaves. Other things to love about Fall are cool breezy weather that’s perfect for getting cozy and cuddle with someone or something you love, fall decoration, pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving, holiday season in general, stylish layered clothing, and again beautiful nature scenery just to name a few. What do you like about this gorgeous season?


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